What's this all about?


GuestChek.com is the accommodation industrys' version of Trip Advisor.


Accommodation providers around the globe use it to get an insight into an arriving guests suitability to use accommodation services (i.e. have they been recommended by other accommodation providers), reward "reputable" guests and to record problems they encounter such as;


1. Payment problems

2. Behavioral problems

3. Property problems

4. Unfair and damaging reviews

5. No shows


Additionally, GuestChek.com provides the industry with an interconnectedness to share ideas, survey their peers, discuss issues and represent itself collectively.


Travellers use GuestChek.com to build a profile as a reputable traveller and earn rewards. Paticipating GuestChek.com hotels may reward reputable travellers in a number of ways, for example;


1. Complimentary upgrades

2. Early check-ins or late check-outs

3. Discounted room rates

4. Unique special offers available only to GuestChek.com users who book direct.


For more information please email support@guestchek.com